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S.K.A.Y. band in Paris

S.K.A.Y. with the Concert tour «15 years together!» S.K.A.Y. is one of the most established music groups in Ukraine. They play pop-rock music with lyrics cover social topics as well as Ukrainian sayings and catch phrases, which are the reflection of the Ukrainian traditions, political and social life. The main characteristic of S.K.A.Y. band is the live performances, that combine sounds of true rock instruments (guitar, bass, drums, keyboard), tender male vocals and meaningful lyrics. Their unique live performance has to be seen and heard, because if teaches the audience to be honest with others, express their feelings and emotions and be patient to the surrounding world. It has the power to transfer the essence of our unique Ukrainian soul and culture wherever they perform. That’s why they have live concerts in Ukraine and all over the world. We’ll be glad to bring S.K.A.Y.’s music to your city!